Content, Optimization Top Priorities for In-House Marketers

What are marketers making their top priorities in 2013? In a recent survey of 700+ marketers covering both offline (print) and online strategies, new research finds that marketers’ top priorities revolve around content marketing, conversion rate optimization, and targeting.

Econsultancy’s eighth annual Digital Intelligence Briefing, “Digital Trends for 2013,” produced in partnership with Adobe, found that content marketing and conversion rate optimization tied for top place in marketers’ priority lists, with 39% of respondents citing these as top priorities for them.

Content marketing is up 10% from one year ago when 29% cited this as a top priority. Content has become the center of the marketing universe in offline channels like direct mail, printed newsletters, and marketing collateral, as well as online channels like email, social media, and mobile. Content is also driving the larger goal of viral marketing (26%), with the goal of providing content so great that people share it with others. How often do we see posters, point-of-sale, or table tents that say, “Like us on Facebook and 10% off next time you come in”?

Conversion rate optimization, which ties content marketing for marketers’ focus and attention, is likewise shaping the way people think about marketing. You can have a 30% response rate to a direct mail campaign, but if you are converting only 5% of respondents, something is amiss. Conversely, you might be getting a 12% response rate, but if you are getting a 30% conversion rate, you’re likely doing something right.

Social media engagement came in a close second (38%), followed by targeting/personalization and content optimization. Nearly one-quarter (24%) also cited joining online and offline data. The more you can target your customers, the better your conversion rates will be. The broader, more comprehensive view (often called 360-degree view) of the customer, the more effective your targeting. It’s not surprising that these scored so high.

Other priorities scored high, as well, including mobile optimization, viral marketing, and social media—all ways of optimizing investment in content in order to distribute it through as many channels and to as many recipients as possible.

How are you optimizing your content to more deeply engage your customers and prospects, increase conversions, and encourage people to share that content with others? Need help? Give us a call.