Ways Color Makes You Money

When we think about color in print marketing and direct mail, we think about stunning images and eye-catching graphics. But color packs a punch in letters, product brochures, and other text-heavy documents, too. What makes color so powerful?

Here are just a few of the benefits that color provides:

  • Increases recall Studies show that color increases recalls in the 80% range.
  • Gets attention. People are about 40% more likely to select or read materials when they are in color.
  • Helps readers find information more easily. This is great for insurance policies, contracts, and other lengthy documents.
  • Reduces errors. Highlight instructions or account information to help people get it right the first time.
  • Slashes payment time. Highlight the amount owed and the due date with color and watch your invoices get paid faster!
  • Increase the ability of readers to understand and retain information. This is great news for your sales presentations.

When you want to draw your readers’ attention to something or when you need to draw out an immediate response, you can’t beat the use of color. Make phone numbers or payment information stand out in a letter. Highlight discounts in a brightly colored starburst. Use arrows or colored bullets to focus attention on key points in a brochure.

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Want a Bigger Marketing Pay-Off? Try This!

Want to boost response rates? Think “multi-touch, multi-channel.” These campaigns increase awareness and retention and boost response rates, too.

When one manufacturer wanted to introduce a new product, for example, it created a snazzy, four-color mailer addressing recipients by name and encouraging them to log into a personalized URL to sign up for a sweepstakes and learn more about the product.

Knowing that multiple recipients within the same company often received its mailers, the marketer created three versions of this particular mailer, each with different graphics. This way, when employees shared their mailers with others, they would see the variation, discuss it, and create a buzz.

As a reminder to those who had not yet responded, the company sent a personalized follow-up e-mail with the same branding and imagery as the print mailer.

Sales of the product jumped 81% and exceeded sales projections by 13%.

While it might seem that using multiple touches and channels will significantly increase your print and postage costs, this isn’t necessarily the case, especially if you are reducing the size of the mailing to a highly targeted audience or using e-mail or text messaging as the “pump primer” or follow-up vehicle.

Also consider the higher return on investment these programs can provide. You can have a low-cost campaign, but if it returns dismal results, what does it gain you? Conversely, if a multi-touch, multi-channel campaign takes your response rates from 4% to 18%, with a higher donation or per-sale value, what is the value of that? Instead of looking at the upfront cost per piece, focus on ROI.

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